Visualizing the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

SEP 1998–2008

This link contains visualizations and analysis for the first decade of the SEP.

The graphs represent the entire SEP each year, with the most significant or "influential" nodes represented below the graph.

SEP Community Detection

Below is a collection of community graphs from the spring 2018 archive of the SEP.

The community detection algorithm used here is the Louvain Community Detection algorithm in the igraph R package. The algorithm has identified 11 distinct communities in the SEP data. No additional information (beyond the network structure) was added to the community detection algorithm, and then the community labels were added posthoc based on the "influential" nodes in the subgraphs.

  1. 1. Chinese & Japanese Philosophy
  2. 2. Philosophy of Science
  3. 3. Epistemology
  4. 4. Philosophy of Language
  5. 5. Ancient & Medieval Philosophy
  6. 6. Metaphysics
  7. 7. Metaethics
  8. 8. Philosophy of Mind
  9. 9. Quantum Mechanics & Free Will
  10. 10. Modern Philosophy
  11. 11. Social & Political Philosophy

Click to interact with the graphs. Zoom, pan, and hover on nodes for more info.